A bar fridge is a home appliance that can provide you with yet another way of relaxing in your house. It is simply a refrigerator of a smaller size, designed specifically to keep your drinks cold wherever you may want to put it. Buying a bar fridge will earn you the benefits, some of which will be mentioned in this article.


1960th Bar Fridge


Bar fridges are often found in the bar area of the house. In houses with a custom-built mini bar, a bar fridge freezer is essential. With the apparent utility of a bar refrigerator in your mini bar, you will thus to seek out one that is of good quality. You can choose from a variety of well-made bar fridges that are available in the market. Do find a model that you can link to the water supply of your house. This will be useful in producing your ice cubes and crushed ice for your drinks.

A bar refrigerator can showcase your prized drinks. For this purpose, get a model that has a display feature, much like those seen in wine refrigerators. A bar fridge filled up with bottles of great-tasting beer, a steady supply of ice, and more bottles of drinks such as tequila, brandy and scotch all lined up makes for an impressive-looking mini-bar.

However, if your house is not equipped with a bar, you can find a few other uses for your bar refrigerator. For one, a bar fridge would be useful in the entertainment area of your home. When you have a bar fridge within arm’s reach, you need not be interrupted for a long period of time just because you want to get food and drinks in the middle of watching an exciting movie or playing an engaging game with the rest of the family members.

Indeed, it is such a luxury to be relishing your relaxation time on a recliner, watching a movie, and grabbing a bottle of drink without missing a moment from the action. There are times that you would want to spend some time with your friends and be momentarily away from your family. With a giant TV in front of you, and a bottle of ice cold beer in your hands, you cannot probably ask for more. It is like living the Man Cave life.

Some other areas where your bar fridge can be put into good use are the office and study areas of the house. There are instances that you will need to stay in your personal workplace for long hours and you would not want to be interrupted even by petty distractions. When you have a small refrigerator just adjacent to your working table, you can just lean a bit over, pull the door and grab a cold drink and perhaps some snacks. A bar fridge in your work or study room can store your food that can keep you going during grueling hours of work.

You should try to get hold of an energy-efficient bar refrigerator. To know if what you are buying saves on energy, check out the energy star label. This will provide you with an inkling of how your chosen model compares with the others in terms of energy consumption. You have chosen an energy-saving model if the label states it consumes below average amount of energy.

Mini bar fridge

One of the most important factors to consider when you purchase your mini bar refrigerator is your allotted budget. Even purchasing a seemingly minor piece of appliance like a bar fridge requires considerable budget consideration. It is best to ponder if you really need a bar fridge. After you have decided, you can do a little research so you can make an informed choice.

Another thing to think about is what you intend to stock in your bar refrigerator. The kind of items that you will want to store in your fridge will specifically determine the size that you will need to buy. Decide whether you want to use your fridge to keep your drinks or you want to keep your holiday left-over food items in it.

Think about the place in your home where you plan to install your bar fridge. If you got this figured out, then you make a rough estimate on the amount of money that you may be need for ancillary style considerations. For instance, would you need a fashionable fridge if you are intending to put it in the basement, perhaps?

It was my very first time to see a vaulted mini refrigerator when I was still young and attending college. Back then, I have had the opportunity to use one, and to this day, I still wonder if I would have made it through without that fridge. It had helped me stash my food and drinks, thus making my life a lot easier back then.

Because of my little fridge, I did not have to rely on the dining hall in my college at Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan. This was a very good thing since the quality of food at the dining hall was at the very least not the kind that I grew up with.

Since then, I always keep a mini refrigerator in my house. My present mini fridge contains my drinks, food, what-have-you, even those food items that my girlfriend would not allow me to store in the main refrigerator, such as kimchi.

What features to look for in a mini fridge

First and foremost, consider the size. Try to find one that is spacious enough for you to store all your left-overs in the house.

Do check if the door shelving of your mini refrigerator fits well and is adequate. This is the feature that is often given the least attention, and yet it is very important. Consider also that you will need to defrost once every couple of months or so to keep the ice that forms in the freezer area from building up.

As you know, the freezer happens to get more attention that it actually should. The truth is, the freezer is not able to achieve freezing temperature. What is worse, ice keeps on forming at the door area. The ice build-up keeps the freezer door from closing the freezer compartment snugly. Thus, if you can, find a model that does not have any freezer: you will do fine without it.

It usually takes a bit of patience to look for a good bar fridge. Some of the valuable deals can be found online and at a local outlet nearest you. If you decide to look for one, I wish you happy hunting then.

imagesFridge Brands

Brands such as Black and Decker, Haier, Igloo, and GE are the more popular names in the market. These brands are known because they also manufacture travel ice chests.

Haier is an example of a well-known brand of home appliance. Aside from bar refrigerators, they also produce appliances such as HDTVs and air condition units. Haier makes 1.7 cubic foot stainless steel refrigerators that cost about $100, and a 4.6 cubic foot unit is about $150.


Fridge Repair Melbourne: Important tips


  1. Check for warranty


Most refrigerators come with a one to two year limited warranty. Check the documentation of the fridge for details of the warranty. If your fridge malfunctions within the warranty period, you could be entitled to free fridge repair Melbourne servicing, provided the fault is covered by warranty.


  1. Don’t delay repairs and servicing


It is important that you don’t delay the repairing sessions especially when your fridge needs it the most. Delaying could mean the problem could worsen, which means a higher servicing bill.


  1. Hire trusted experts. Refrain from doing it yourself


Unless it is a fused light bulb that can be easily replaced on your own, you shouldn’t undertake fridge repairs yourself. It can cause irreversible damage, or worse, get yourself hurt. Always hire trusted professionals for fridge repair in Melbourne. We can help you find the very best.

We have extensive experience when it comes to fridges of every kind- be they French door, bottom mounting, or top mounting. If you are looking for reliable and affordable fridge repair in Melbourne, do give us a call. We will be happy to help you.